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Trees / Shrubs

Trees / Shrubs

Forest Tree Surgeons have over 30 years experience in tree surgery.

All staff are fully trained to NPTC standards and hold certificates of competence. Our vehicles are kitted out with a complete range of specialist tools to carry out any tree surgery job. We are fully insured and offer free, no obligation, quotes. No job is too big or too small.


Trees need to be cared for as they can become a danger to the public. Old wounds can be a weak point on trees. Trees naturally produce dead wood and certain species are prone to splitting as they mature. All these things can be potential hazards. Trees that are growing near to houses (especially on the clay soils in the South East and London) can affect foundations. Branches may interfere with gutters or windows. Many trees mature to a size that is just too big for the size of garden in which they are situated. There may also be the need to clear sites for development reasons, whilst taking care of those trees that are to be retained. Forest Tree Surgeons offer a complete range of specialist tree surgery services that cater for the situations stated above in a sympathetic and professional manner.

Dismantling and felling

When an unsafe tree is a hazard to property or the public we can carefully dismantle the tree in sections.

Crown reductions

A more complete reduction of the size of the tree. Reducing the height and/or thinning the crown can relieve the stress on a weak point in a tree. Reduction of a tree's crown may be necessary to contain the size of a tree in a small space, near buildings, power lines etc.

Crown lifting

The removal of lower branches to clear paths and rods.

Crown thinning

The removal of weak, crossing or duplicated branches to allow more light through the crown and to reduce the weight a strucurally weak tree has to support.

Dead wooding

The removal of dead branches to minimise the risk of branches falling on to buildings, vehicles or the public.

Site clearance

Land clearance for development work.

Hedge reduction

The reduction or complete removal of large hedges, for example Leylandii Cypress (conifer) trees that grow at a tremendous rate often causing boundary disputes.